Waterfalls and Wonders of Fjord Norway (private tour)

10 Hours


You want fjords and waterfalls? Fjords and waterfalls you will get. We have lined up four fjords, including the second-longest in Norway. We have decked up as many waterfalls, including some of the steepest in the country. We will climb to a massive plateau above the treeline and drive through another one which satiates Norwegians’ craving for skiing. We will drive you through a long long suspension bridge and a massive tunnel system with roundabouts! If you are too soaked up on the scenery, we have a couple of inspiring toilets for relief. All this in one day? Well, welcome to western Norway. You can have it all.


  • Voss, a charming town nestled between a vast lake and a mighty mountain.
  • Skjervfossen waterfall, famed for natural beauty and a fancy toilet!
  • Hardangerfjord - the Queen of the Norwegian fjords.
  • Mountain road to Vøringfossen, one of the most-visited waterfalls in Norway.
  • Eidfjord, the innermost part of the fjord across a record-breaking bridge.
  • Steinsdalsfossen, where you can walk behind the inspiring waterfall.
  • Fossen Bratte, the steep waterfall also known as the bride’s veil.

What to expect

Price includes

  • Well-travelled well-informed driver-guide
  • Car, including fuel and tolls
  • A bottle of water for each guest

Price excludes

  • Admission tickets (This tour doesn’t require any)
  • Food and beverages.


  • Bergen
  • Car
  • 1-8
  • English
  • Easy
  • About 700 meters/2300 feet above sea level