Northern Lights, dog sled, reindeer sled, snowmobile, whales & more

Northern Norway is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If the dancing festoons of coloured lights in the night sky is not enough reason to visit this remote corner of the world, consider braving the winter in a dog sled, watching majestic whales splashing up the cold sea and joining the indigenous Sami people as they go about tending to their reindeer herds. This is nothing like any place you had visited.

An ideal place to start your adventure would be Tromsø, one of the northernmost cities in the world and a hub of Arctic expeditions. While Aurora Borealis is an obvious attraction, Tromsø and other bases offer an excellent opportunity to live the Nordic winter. Traverse the snowscapes in sleds drawn by reindeer or huskies, rev up the snowmobiles, or settle for a relaxed cruise of the fjords which are home to some of the most resilient animals.

These tours are conducted by our trusted partners in Northern Norway. Tell us what’s on your bucket list and we will design a tour that best suits your interests.