Must-See Bergen On Foot and Boat

2 Hours


This 2-in-1 tour is designed to offer you the total Bergen experience. Take a stroll through the alleys of the old timber town, listen to the incredible stories about the place and the people and make sense of the smorgasbord of centuries. To top it all, get into the arena where the city shaped itself: the fjord. The best way to understand this waterworld is to take a boat ride with the locals.

If you want to make the most out of your day in Bergen, check out our shorter road trips to the fjord country. You will be back in the city in time for the Must-See Bergen tour.


  • The famed Fish Market, where food binds the past and present, the strange and mundane.
  • The iconic waterfront buildings from where Bergen started its European journey.
  • St Mary’s Church, the city’s oldest existing building, witness to a millennium of paradoxes.
  • Contemporary Bergen through its vibrant streets. A commentary on city life as it unfolds.
  • A 30-minute ferryboat ride for a panoramic view of the city and a surprising perspective.
  • Phantoms of the city. The unseen elements that shaped what you see.

What to expect

The price includes

  • A guide in love with Bergen
  • Ferry ticket

The price excludes

  • Admission tickets to venues (this tour does not require any)
  • Food and beverages (There's a kiosk in the boat)


Are there toilets on the way?

There are public toilets at the Information Center. There are toilets at several places we walk by. You can open the doors using your credit card or Norwegian coins. There are toilets in the boat which are open to all.

What about internet access?

The Tourist Information Center, where we start the tour from, has free wi-fi. However, we recommend that you have internet access because our guide may be using an audio system you can access on your phone/tab, if you are travelling in a big group (say more than 10). This is not a must, just a convenient option. We will send relevant links and instructions to large groups who book with us.

Are there ATMs on the way?

There are. In Norway, they are known as minibanks. You wouldn’t need them though. It’s more useful to have money in your debit/credit card than carrying cash around. Cards are accepted almost everywhere in Norway.

What if it rains?

We bask in rain! Come prepared. This is one of the rainiest cities in Europe.


  • Tourist Information Centre/Fish Market, Bergen
  • Walking, ferry
  • 1-16
  • English
  • Easy