Storied Bergen: Mystery and Mischief

2 Hours

This tour requires a minimum of four guests. Or you can book as a group.

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How do you blend in when you come to a country where reading crime fiction is an Easter tradition. If you are a fan of Nordic Noir, you can’t miss the hometown of Gunnar Staalesen. Truth, in Bergen, is stranger than fiction. Here’s your chance to unveil the mysteries Bergen has brushed under the carpet. Expose the mischief makers and bust the myths the city has built around itself.


  • Start at the Fish Market, by the office of our own private detective.
  • The medieval party place which now sells the city's must-haves.
  • Nordnes peninsula: The hidden alleyways and haunted buildings.
  • Quays that offer outrageous tales and the best views of the city.
  • The 400-year-old New Church sprawling forgotten horror stories.
  • Stroll through the cobblestone alleys to relive Bergen's lascivious past.

Price starting from 490 kr


  • A guide who couldn't be a crime writer


  • Admission tickets to venues (This tour does not require any.)
  • Food and beverages


Are there toilets on the way?

There are public toilets at the Information Center. There are toilets at several places we walk by. You can open the doors using your credit card or Norwegian coins.

Are there ATMs on the way?

There are. In Norway, they are known as minibanks.

What if it rains?

We bask in rain! Come prepared. This is one of the rainiest cities in Europe.

What about internet access?

The Tourist Information Center, where we start the tour from, has free wi-fi.

How safe is Bergen? What if I'm mugged?

Then you become a celebrity in Norway. You get to be on page 1. Norway is one of the safest cities in the world and Bergen is no exception. Norwegians make up for this boring life by writing and reading crime fiction.


  • Tourist Information Centre/Fish Market, Bergen
  • Walking
  • 4-16
  • English
  • Easy