All About Ålesund (Private tour)

2 Hours

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Do you know what Room 47 is? Where is the smallest house in the city? Or the heated benches? Why do Ålesund need a kayak hotel? And what on earth is a Brude egg?

The quaint houses of Ålesund may not betray the quirky tales lurking behind the composed facade. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on them. Walk around the city and admire the Art Nouveau architecture, but prepare for the horror stories that has forged the city.

Travel with an insider and you are privy to the city’s secrets, from the old days to modern times. See all the hidden gems tucked away from the traveling hordes. Walk the paths less trodden and get to know this city like never before.

And hey, if you are traveling with children, you can even opt for a particularly child-friendly version of this tour that involves loads of fun stories, a bingo game and prizes. The Junior tour will be 30 minutes shorter for the benefit of the little ones. If you are looking for this version, just tick the checkbox when you fill in the request form.

Price starting from 490 kr

The price includes

  • A guide who knows Ålesund like the back of her hand
  • Bingo game and prizes if you are booking the Junior tour for kids.

The price excludes

  • Admission tickets to venues (this tour does not require any)
  • Food and beverages


Are there toilets on the way?

There are public toilets at several places we walk by. You can open the doors using your credit card or Norwegian coins.

Are there ATMs on the way?

There are. In Norway, they are known as minibanks.

What about internet access?

You might find patches of wi-fi near some shopping malls, but we will not be stopping long enough to connect and browse. If you want to stay connected during the tour, we recommend that you buy a suitable plan from your mobile phone operator.

Is this tour suitable for children?

Of course it is. This is a country where children have a right to be heard. However, if you want to give the young travelers a special experience, consider booking the Junior tour, which is a shorter version packed with fun stories, a bingo game and prizes.


  • Apotekertorget, Ålesund, by the tall fisherman statue
  • Walking (a pair of good walking shoes recommended)
  • 4-20
  • English
  • Easy