Our Team

Animesh Ankit
Fellow traveler, Bergen

Ani was lured out of Bergen’s cozy corporate world by the melodies of a Hardanger fiddle. He swapped management for music, his first love, and that pursuit turned out to be an extraordinary exploration of Norway. Join him as he relives the journey, bukkehorn in hand like a true Norwegian shepherd.

don sebastian
Don Sebastian
Fellow traveler, Bergen

Don’s passion for travel came out in different avatars, first as a journalist, then a travel writer and now a travel companion. He has found his Goldilocks city in Bergen where he is working on a book on Norway’s position as a lighthouse to the world.

Synnøve Kalvø Stephansen
Fellow traveler, Ålesund

Synnøve (or Supernova, if the Norwegian 'ø' baffles you) grew up in Ålesund, so don't let the British accent fool you. Her adventurous spirit took her to the UK for 8 years and on travels to all the continents. An avid sports fan, she has left her footprints in arenas all over the world.